Data Security for Purchase Request

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Add mandatory Fields, validation rules, status, colors and workflow to data in your Purchase Request

Do you need to improve control and accuracy with record-level validation and approval ? Are you looking for a simple way to enable workflow on your Purchase Requests ?

Data security for Purchase request App helps you protecting important information from accidental modification. Data Security for purchase request is the simplest way to add Workflows to master data or document approvals. This app helps you filtering record based on admin defined status, for instance you can easily filter customer or order not approved or in obsolete status

Features and benefits of using this app:

  • Use this app to link together Purchase Request app and Data Security app
  • Block: Save time adding automatic blocks for records that are not completely qualified (I.E. Purchase request without vendor)
  • Permission: Manage user or group policy and permit to change record status only to granted people
  • Notify: Send email when a records change status, include context info, no coding, very easy
  • Approve: Create different approval path for a certain entity. For example: Order quick approval or detailed approvals
  • Workflow: Start adding Workflow capabilities in minutes. No coding
  • Customize: Use predefined or custom function to enrich your workflows<