D365 [Health] CRM – D365 CE for Healthcare Facilities

作者 Technology Management Concepts

Unified CRM Solution for Multi-Location Healthcare Facilities Management built on Dynamics 365 CE

Streamline the patient experience throughout all your locations with D365[Health]CRM, save time, make better strategic decisions, and embrace growth.

What is D365 [Health] CRM and who is it for?

D365[Health]CRM is an Innovative Business Solution for Multi-Location Healthcare Facilities built on Dynamics 365™ Sales (CRM) It is the future of healthcare facilities management.

D365[Health]CRM is designed for Medical Facilities & Clinics with multiple locations that strive to manage their leads, patients, internal and external clinicians & specialists, vendors, partners, referrers, marketing efforts, resources/equipment, and associated communication/documentation within a single web-faced and mobile application.

  • Empower users at each location to be able to manage their day-to-day operations while having visibility into the organization as a whole.
  • Create visibility by taking information about each location and putting it into a central repository available to everyone in order to increase efficiency and boost the customer experience.
  • Take the information that currently resides on local servers, email, desktops, and spreadsheets and put that into a single location to increase security, manageability, reporting, and sales.
  • Increase customer/patient satisfaction by maintaining a detailed profile, storing all interactions and appointments, keeping assets like pictures and releases in an easily accessible place, and creating an environment where it is easy for a patient to switch their preferred location for services/care.
  • Satisfy customer/patient requests in a process-driven and overseen manner by routing requests with automation and notifications.
  • Acquire more business by having information that is non-accounting related to patients that can be used to drive marketing campaigns, automated follow-ups and appointment reminders, and follow-up surveys.
  • Be proactive with patient visit reminders, annual reminders, and marketing efforts based on past services or interests.

“We’ve created D365[Health]CRM to tackle the challenges that Healthcare professionals with multiple locations are facing daily… from cash management, payroll recording, system access, to financial reporting consolidation, and more, D365[Health]CRM tackles them all!” - Jennifer Harris, CEO at Technology Management Concepts

What’s included in D365 [Health] CRM?

  • Dynamics 365 Sales – CRM
    • Customers/Patient/Caregiver Management
    • (Add’l) Contacts
    • Scheduling
    • Product/Service Management
    • Sales/Services Rendered
    • Referral Management
    • User/Resource Management
    • Lead Management/Marketing (promotions)
    • Business Process Flows
    • Automations/Reminders
    • Security
    • Outlook Integration

  • Microsoft 365 Business
    • Microsoft Teams

  • Microsoft Power Automate
    • Microsoft Flow

  • Additional Options
    • Resource Scheduling/Management
    • Image Management (before and after or identification)
    • Dynamics 365 Business Central Integration
    • (Prospects > Customers, Item Master Integration, Orders, Invoices)
    • Upsell Logic (related products/services)

D365 [Health] CRM Implementation Services

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Supported Editions:

The app supports the Essentials and Premium Editions of Microsoft Dynamics 365 Customer Engagement.

Supported Countries:

Canada and United States.

Supported Languages:

This app is only available in English (United States).