Prodware CMMS for internal maintenance for F&O

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The CMMS accelerator provides internal maintenance reporting, resolution and prevention

CMMS accelerator for Dynamics 365 Finance & Operations

Boost internal maintenance reporting, resolution and prevention in your Dynamics 365 for Finance & Operations system.

CMMS helps those companies who manage the servicing and internal maintenance of tools, equipment or vehicle fleets and choose not to outsource this maintenance.

CMMS extends Dynamics functionality with:
  • Equipment identification
  • Preventive maintenance plans by equipment
  • Interventions management
  • Interventions planning
  • Breakdown reports for curative maintenance
  • Time spent and materials consumed entries
  • Mobile application for intervention support by technicians
  • Analytics boards to spot trends

The mobile app for engineers boosts productivity and reduces downtime. Remedial tasks can be better planned and prioritized. Maintenance can evolve into preventative, as you and the system suggest interventions through reporting, meaning you’re ahead of the game.

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If you would like to boost your Microsoft Dynamics 365 for Finance and Operations system in this way; please review the materials on this page and contact Prodware to find out more.