DonorSearch for Microsoft

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Integrated Prospect Research with Wealth Capacity and Philanthropic Inclination Scores

DonorSearch for Microsoft is a prospect research and wealth screening application built on the Power Platform to fuel fundraising success by identifying and qualifying donor prospects based on their philanthropic affinity as well as their capacity to give. Combining DonorSearch’s premier prospect intelligence with the power of the Microsoft Dynamics platform, DonorSearch for Microsoft users can generate detailed, customizable and editable profiles on individual contacts, and can retrieve 90+ distinct prospect data points into a custom related entity linked to the contact record. DonorSearch uses 25+ different high-quality data sources, including the industry’s largest philanthropic giving database, real estate information, business and nonprofit affiliations, SEC Insider information and much more. With DonorSearch for Microsoft, you can:

  • Create, view, edit and save detailed profiles with one button click

  • Import key predictive data points back into the constituent record

  • Automate the screening/review process based on a custom workflow

  • Segment your donor pool based on DonorSearch ratings and rankings