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Billing Automation, Invoicing, Self-Service, Provisioning, Payments for Dynamics 365

Work 365 is a Subscription Management and Billing Automation application built on Dynamics 365 for Sales & Power Platform

With Work 365 you grow your recurring revenue (MRR), reduce your cost of service, and enable Self-Service capabilities. You can bundle products to enable automatic Provisioning, Subscription Billing, and Billing Automation.

Used By: Managed Service Providers, Independent Software Vendors to manage subscription revenue and automate billing, Microsoft Cloud Solution Providers (CSP) in the Direct and Indirect program can use Work 365 to automatically bill and provision services in the CSP catalog,

Value areas:

  • Subscription Management: Use the Dynamics 365 Product Catalog to provision bundles and subscriptions. Automatically track subscription changelogs for billing and audit purposes. Manage licenses, services, and usage-based subscriptions.
  • Automatic provisioning: Use APIs to build your integrations or leverage out-of-the-box integrations with Partner Center and Major Distributors to automatically provision and end customer Licenses.
  • Billing Automation: Invoices are automatically generated, sent, charged, and integrated with accounting systems for every billing cycle.
  • Self-Service: Customers can manage their subscriptions, add/subtract licenses, and view the changelogs and history of their subscriptions, invoices, and azure usage using their Office 365 credentials.

Major Features:

  • Manage CSP Products and price changes
  • Auto-provision directly from the Product Catalog
  • Payments collections & integration with payment systems (Stripe, GoCardless,
  • Multiple vendors, locations, multi-currency
  • ERP/Accounting system integration with QuickBooks, Business Central, Finance & Operations
  • Sales incentives & commission calculations


  • Auto-generate accurate invoices, and collect cash faster
  • Scale your recurring revenue, eliminate revenue leakage
  • Eliminate manual processes & boost customer engagement
  • Discover & unlock new revenue opportunities

In ALL countries and currencies where Dynamics 365 is supported!

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