New Elements SiteProspector: The CRM Connector

作者 New Elements GmbH

Get more new leads and new customers with the SiteProspector & Dynamics 365 CRM!

Accumulate unique insights about your website visitors, their interests, motivation and customer journey. Know your customers’ needs before the first contact. Gain an information advantage for your sales strategy. Transform all data into sales-ready leads and expand your digital business.

The SiteProspector identifies approx. 20% of your B2B website visitors by name, delivers in real-time relevant data of their visit and transfers them automatically to your CRM System. Get more new leads and new customers.

New Elements Constellation Suite - real time live chat, targeting, analytics, lead generation & customer management

To use the New Elements Constellation Suite module SiteProspector as Dynamics 365 CRM Connector, you need an activated account for the New Elements Constellation Suite. If you don´t have any account yet, please use our contact form to request a free Demo Account. Request Constellation Suite demo and try for free