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Easily copy any (or all!) fields within a Dynamics 365 record into a different record with a single

Have you ever needed to create a copy of a record within Dynamics 365 but grew frustrated by all the copying of fields in the old record and pasting them into the new one? If so, you’re not alone… and PowerCopy, one of the super slick PowerPack productivity add-ons designed to save you time in your day-to-day activities, is perfect for you! It allows users to create a copy configuration, choosing which fields to copy over from one Dynamics 365 record to another, and provides a one-click method for copying those fields into the new record. Consider these potential benefits: • An account owner can quickly and easily create separate accounts for each of a company’s subdivisions (no more repetitive tasking!) • A salesperson who sells the same or similar items/services can simply create a copy of an existing opportunity to quickly document a potential sale (no more creating from scratch!) • A customer support representative who encounters the same issue with multiple clients can just duplicate an existing case (no more copying and pasting information between two cases!) • An IT support professional can create access requests for an entire team by creating one request and copying it (no more repeating the same process over and over!)