Split Invoices

作者 Preact Ltd

Easily split new orders into multiple invoices that fit agreed payment schedules.

Simplify the process of managing payment schedules using this automated process to create split invoices from orders and other record types.

Reduce administration and save time by automatically splitting invoices whenever a phased payment schedule is agreed. Instantly create multiple invoice records following the defined payment terms.

Set Payment Terms

Automatically split invoice amounts using payment terms. Specify as many payment lines as required that detail the percentage split and each due date, and set payment terms for equal or weighted instalments.

Manage Due Dates

For each payment line, configure invoice dates to be paid upfront or a defined number of days before/after the 'due from' date set on each order. Alternatively, use manual invoicing for some payment tranches.

Automatically Splits Invoices

Select the appropriate Payment Terms record and click the 'Split Invoice' button on the ribbon to automatically run the automated process to create invoices as per the associated payment terms.

Instant Payment Schedule

Once complete, check the full payment schedule in a record sub-grid.

Default Payment Terms

Set default payment terms that will apply to all new orders on an account.

How to Deploy

Deploy Split Invoices and any of our packaged products as part of Preact's managed service, Elevate 365. This all-inclusive subscription also connects you to CRM support, technical expertise, product insight, user training and online learning content to grow your Dynamics system faster and continuously improve.

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