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作者 Domain 6 Inc.

Resident contact tracing and effective emergency management (COVID-19, etc.)

Why Resident Hub
  • Ensure Building and Resident Safety
  • Efficiently Manage Spaces and Amenities
  • Comply With New Covid-19 Regulations

Resident Hub by Domain 6 benefits & features:
- Easy-to-create and distribute acceptance forms, surveys and agreements available on any device
- Support contactless interaction with your residents
- Track occupancy and comply with regulations and guidelines
- Track and document user communications such as conditions of use and other documents electronically
- Allow prospects to book self-guided tours
- Review and approve residents’ activities and bookings
- Control maximum occupancy by limiting the number of bookings allowed
- Automated check-in/check-out reminders via email or text
- Get visibility of your residents’ COVID-19 related health statistics
- Track any abnormal health information and create automatic escalations
- Keep track of key activities, such as cleaning of common areas of your buildings and its usage
- Gain an ability to quickly and easily report on COVID-19 compliance-related activities

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