CV Maker


2.3 (4)

Intelligent CV Maker and Editor

PLEASE NOTE: Support for this add-in is limited to Word 2016 Client only.

Many people use Word to generate a CV before applying to a job. Now you can have 2 CVs in 1 for FREE. MeVitae has incorporated CV Maker App into Office 365. This means that when writing a CV in Word, your CV will be updated on MeVitae too. You can take your CV wherever you go and easily.

Features include:

1. Preload your Digital CV from MeVitae into Word and edit at your ease.

2. Let MeVitae make your Word CV for you

3. Publish and sync your Word CV straight to MeVitae

4. Unlock the Word App and make your own personal local version

*Note: This app will require the user to sign up for a MeVitae Account and it depends on MeVitae APIs.

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