Facebook Ads Manager for Excel

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The fastest way to view performance data for all of your Facebook ad accounts.

Facebook Ads Manager for Excel connects the power of Excel to your Facebook ad accounts.

Excel is a critical tool to analyze ad performance data, but exporting multiple Facebook accounts to an Excel worksheet takes time and effort. With Facebook Ads Manager for Excel you can quickly run a single report to download data from multiple ad accounts, helping you save time and work faster.

With Facebook Ads Manager for Excel you can:

  • Download rich performance data from your ad accounts. You can report on the performance of your campaigns, ad sets, or ads and see breakdowns by demographics, actions taken on ads, or time. You can also filter data based on date ranges, delivery status, ad objectives, placements and more.
  • Create a single report to download your ad performance data from multiple ad accounts. You don't need to export reports from each of your ad accounts in Power Editor, and you don't need to be a developer or work with a Facebook Marketing partner.
  • Create and save custom templates so that you can quickly run the reports you need. Or, use one of our pre-set templates to get started.
  • Refresh the data in your reports as often as you need to, whether that's once a week or every 15 minutes.
  • Take your ad performance data and create your own analysis using Excel's pivot tables or other tools.

To get started with Facebook Ads Manager for Excel, install this add-in. You'll need to sign in with your Facebook account, and then you'll be able to create and download reports. To read more about how to use this add-in, visit the Facebook Ads Help Center (


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