The aim of the Digibook is to provide a didactically valuable digital textbook for all subjects

FINALLY, content at school will be DIGITAL.

Yes, there is the digital textbook, it is not a PDF, it is not an electronic copy of a printed textbook.

Teachers and pupils are picked up in their digital reality, which is completely normal outside the school.

DigiBook is all in one

• textbook content (= textbook text)

• Didactic videos

• Interactive Tasks / Animations / Videos with H5P

• Digital notes in the DigiBook

• Swipetechnik

• Writable tasks

• Viewable photos

• Differentiated tasks with different levels of difficulty

And now it starts. Immerse yourself in the digital NEW content world of textbooks!

Digital textbooks are lived digital EDUCATIONAL JUSTICE. Everybody can access it on any device and from anytime, and thus learn or even prepare the lesson. And at a fraction of today's costs, which are incurred time and again for printed products. Printed textbooks have to be re-purchased annually and cannot be updated after approval / errors can be eliminated. The DigiBook is also a complete work that contains the complete tasks / workbooks / teacher copies, these costs are not applicable to teachers / parents / students as well. Also, the DigiBook is a built-in tutoring tool, so there are no additional costs.

Of course, the digital textbook is designed to have its own interface that meets all data protection requirements. From anonymized access for all parties involved to guaranteed server locations in Germany, as well as the use of purely German nodes in data transmission, all aspects are taken into account.

The DigiBook can easily be delivered to the target via cloud and / or server solutions >> Pupils, Teachers.

Our digital textbook project has been in development for more than a year, it currently contains several thousand web pages and has a content of nearly 60,000 video clips in 8 different languages, over 120,000 classic and interactive worksheets and test papers from all disciplines, over 10,000 Animations, graphics and images, and, of course, 1: 1 the contents of the classic textbook are available and illustrated. An outstanding feature is that all individual elements can be used individually like standardized puzzle pieces, simultaneously and side by side, on the whiteboard and on the mobile device. With one click, each element is extracted and can be used with all functions and edited. Responsive web design is a matter of course for us.

A special strength is the constant relevance of the DigiBook. For example, because the economy does not change in the rhythm of the edition of a textbook, but constantly and is constantly exciting!

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This app is in German.

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