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Short URL allows you to easily create, manage and share shortcut hyperlinks with QR Code and Stats.

Short URL App for Microsoft Teams allows the creation and use of vanity and shortcut hyperlinks within the Microsoft Teams. Too often and especially with large complex installations, the structure of a Microsoft Teams site collection or Microsoft Teams Channels can lead to enormously long hyperlinks, which makes for ugly and error prone hyperlinks.

For example, compare the following hyperlink to a Microsoft Teams Channel:

When you use Short URL App, it can also be shortened to: (Ultimate License)

The Short URL App provides you with a choice of sensible, secure named Domains from which to create Short URLs. You can define which domain is used as the default within your Microsoft Teams environment and each of these separate Domains will also work for any Short URL created against the default instance. Thus, you can share any of the Domains with your Short URL and they will work!

Short URL App Domains: | | |

Depending on the License Type and App Key the Short URL App works as detailed below;

Free Microsoft Teams Online App License:

Short URL App allows users to create auto generated Short URLs for Microsoft 365 links. Example:

Standard / Enterprise License (Free Trial allows creation of 3 Short URLs):

To enable your Short URL App to generate custom Short URLs unique to your organization an App Key is required. The process to registering your Username/Subdomain is simple and fast (visit Once you have registered for a Short URL App Key you will be able to activate custom Short URLs as the examples below;

Ultimate License:

The Short URL App Ultimate License provides your own Custom Domain with all the great features and a professional presence for your organisation.


A Short URL makes emailing the link, putting it into documents or even saying it over the phone much simpler and less error prone. Using Short URL App for Microsoft Teams a shortened hyperlink can be created to any Page, List Item, Document, View and to any external URL within Microsoft Teams. A QR Code and detailed Statistics are provided for each Short URL.

Short URL App Benefits and Features:

- Microsoft Teams App.

- Easy to install, tightly integrated with Microsoft Teams.

- Create Short URLs for any Team, Channel, Tab, Document, View, External links.

- Unlimited Shortened Hyperlinks (license required).

- Easy access via Microsoft Teams Bot.

- Date expiry for short lived Hyperlinks.

- Select Redirect Type (301 and 307) for Short URL.

- Detailed Short URL Statistics (Countries, Top Referrers, Browsers and Operating Systems).

- QR Code for Short URLs.

- Password Protected Short URLs.

- Set Total Uses for Short URLs.

- Short URL App Key works with Microsoft Team, SharePoint and Power Automate.

- Simple, Very easy to use, no training - Improves productivity!

- Choice of secure (https://) domain to use.

( | | |

*Free version of Short URL only allows URLs from (, and You will need a License to create a Short URL for any destination link.


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  • 此应用可访问活动邮件中的个人信息,例如电话号码、邮寄地址或 URL。此应用可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。无法读取或修改邮箱中的其他项目。