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Dynamically configurable set of web parts to easily create a search driven Catalog solution.

Q-Catalog provides a dynamically configurable set of web parts to provide a Catalog driven Search/Results summary view with a connected item detail view. Q-Catalog leverages SharePoint List/Library structures for master data and provides a uniquely customized user interface to connect your catalog view to your item details.

Q-Catalog is perfect for creating solutions like Product Catalogs, Construction Management Systems, Real Estate Listings or Services Catalogs, etc.

Q-Catalog provides your business with the below callabilities out of the box:

* Easily create your search driven catalog with dynamic SharePoint web parts

* Dynamically present your SharePoint Content in a rich filterable thumbnail view

* Leverage existing SharePoint List and Library content to quickly build your solution

Q-Catalog is comprised of 3 SharePoint Framework (SPFx) web parts listed below:

* Q-Catalog Master: Displays summary product information in a tile view with search capability

* Q-Catalog Details: Displays a detailed product information for a product in a configurable Rich Text Field

* Q-Catalog Details Grid View: Displays a detailed product information for a product in a configurable grid

Q-Catalog is an annual subscription license, based on the number of Users within the tenant. A free 30-day trial is offered to test the solution.

Below are the pre-requisites to setup Q-Catalog in your tenant:

* Register for the trial license. During this process, please grant access to Q-Catalog as prompted on your screen.

* Approve the API Access from SharePoint Admin Center. This will SharePoint Admin permission.

* If it's a very first SPFx app in your tenant, then wait for few minutes until the web part is fully rendered. This is just a one-time requirement.

Here is the complete deployment document of Q-Catalog:

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