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A Microsoft Teams Ticketing System Built for Help Desk and IT Service Management Teams

Tikit is a Microsoft Teams ticketing system that allows employees and IT agents to open and work support tickets without leaving Teams. It includes an AI-driven virtual agent in Teams to deflect common employee questions and a fully functional web interface for agents that want a traditional Help Desk queue for working tickets.

As your organization adopts more Microsoft 365 technology, you can upgrade to take advantage of our native integrations with products like Power Automate, Power BI, Azure AD and Intune. If you’re looking for an intuitive ticketing solution without the complexity or added expense of the leading SaaS ITSM vendors, you’ve come to the right place.

Built specifically for the Microsoft ecosystem, Tikit helps you take advantage of your current Microsoft investments. With Tikit, agents can:

- Turn chats and emails into actionable tickets in seconds.

- Deflect repetitive questions using artificial intelligence (AI) powered KB.

- Automate business processes and accelerate service delivery by predefining phases of work, including tasks and approvals required to complete work with Ticket Lifecycles.

- Triage more granularly using groups and multi department.

- Manage tickets interchangeably in Microsoft Teams desktop, web and mobile; agent and end user web portals or via Outlook email.

- Get information before a ticket is created using templates and custom forms.

- Utilize powerful M365 integrations including Power Automate, Power BI, Intune, Excel and Azure Monitor.

The result is predictable ticket volume, improved employee experience, streamlined service desk workflow, faster ticket resolution and more time for complex problem solving, planning and/or reporting.

Capitalize on your existing Microsoft investment; click the blue “Get It Now” button above to install our free trial in minutes and experience the Tikit difference yourself.


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