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Explore SharePoint right from Teams & save, find, preview and share files faster

Colligo Content Manager for Microsoft Teams allows you to work where you spend most of your time: Teams – the “always open app” and the new communication hub of the enterprise.

A true cloud-based solution built on the latest Microsoft 365 architecture, Content Manager for Teams provides full content and document control from one central location for an enhanced user experience and superior governance and compliance.

Please note: You will need to use your Office 365 account to receive the Colligo add-in.

Benefits for end-users:

* Edit and add metadata to files from one central location and pane within Teams, irrespective of the Channel or Chat the files were shared in or how they were captured into SharePoint (Outlook, Teams, OneDrive, etc.)

* Access a tenant-wide view and manage all your SharePoint documents, folders, libraries, addresses, and content from a single pane with a familiar interface

* View the tree structure of SharePoint, Teams, and OneDrive and navigate and preview your files intuitively using advanced filtering

* Easily search for files across SharePoint, OneDrive, and Teams, saving time

* Pin your favourite locations and sites for quick and easy access

Benefits for the company:

* Improve governance and increase compliant content management through metadata editing capability, not currently offered within Teams as a stand-alone application

* Control “Teams sprawl” or the explosion of Teams sites and channels by enabling an easier way for knowledge workers to save, tag/label, share, and access content

* Reduce the risk of shadow IT in your organization by providing a more productive mechanism for editing and viewing content, while increasing adoption of the provisioned repository

* Save your organization time and money by reducing the need for users to switch between Outlook, Teams, and SharePoint and provide everything workers need in a single space



* Capture emails and attachments from Outlook or file shares into SharePoint/Teams

* Bookmark favourite SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive locations

* Move or copy emails to SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive

* Resolve conflicts while uploading files in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive


* Extract metadata automatically, and manually capture custom fields

* Update metadata for files in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive

Sort and Filter

* Sort and filter files in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive, all from a single pane within Teams

* Filter search results in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive


* Search SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive content based on metadata, title, or content type

* Create folders in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive


* Centralized navigation of all SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive sites from Outlook

* Enhanced review of file contents in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive

* Launch files from SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive in native applications

* Keep track of recently used locations

Share and Collaborate

* Share SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive content as a link or attachment in a new chat or channel

* Edit files in SharePoint/Teams/OneDrive

Install & Configuration

* Specify sites that each group of users can access

* Create and enable policies for each group of users

Analytics and Reporting

* Inbox summary, Appointment summary and To-Do List summary, all right from Teams

System Compatibility

* Support for iOS app, Android app, and Windows and Mac

* Available for Outlook 2013, 2016 and Web Client


* SharePoint, OneDrive, Teams

Deployment Time

* Minutes

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  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据
  • 此应用可访问活动邮件中的个人信息,例如电话号码、邮寄地址或 URL。此应用可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。无法读取或修改邮箱中的其他项目。