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Plan and Collaborate with an Annual Planner Accessible in Microsoft Teams

With Plandisc’s Microsoft Teams app, you and your colleagues can visualize your planning directly from Microsoft Teams. The plans are being shown in a circular annual planner that allows you to filter the content. This way, even complex planning across departments can be viewed in an easy and clear way. \n **Easily accessible** \n When you have a solid plan saved in Microsoft Teams, it is easy to access through the platform you use for daily correspondence. In addition, you have the option to edit the Plandisc directly from Teams so that you can quickly update your plan as soon as you plan new initiatives. \n **Plandisc’s Microsoft Features** \n Plandisc’s integration with Microsoft Teams is a part of a bigger integration with Microsoft 365 tools. A particularly beneficial feature is the Outlook integration lets you synchronize your Outlook calendar with the Plandisc. This way, you don’t have to change the plan more than one place. Furthermore, you can show your interactive planner in PowerPoint. \n **Useful in many industries** \n Since Plandisc is made both for planning meetings, tasks events and goals, the annual planner is a great fit for a variety of industries. As an example, it is widely used within administrative planning, as it provides a clear overview of busy periods for the organization. \n if you need more help you can always chat with us and find a lot of tutorial videos down here: [](


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