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Challenge Your Team! Step and fitness challenges to boost well-being. 10+ app and watch integrations

Create your connected step or fitness challenge. Connect with all popular fitness trackers, or use our app to track an activity or your daily steps.

Get started and launch your first challenge within a few minutes!

1. Click "Add to a team" to add us to a Microsoft Teams channel or, alternatively, click the little arrow next to that button and select "Add to a chat" to add to a chat

2. Create a challenge using our 5-step wizard and publish your event when all is ready to go

3. Add your users to the challenge. They will receive a personal invite to join the challenge and download our iOS or Android app

Microsoft Teams integration is available as part of Free (up to 5 users) and Pro plans (unlimited users).

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Key Features

⌚ Integrations with all popular apps and trackers

Connect your Garmin, Polar, Suunto, COROS, Fitbit, Strava, MapMyRun, or other GPS app or tracker to automatically sync your activities.

Don't have a GPS tracker? No worries! Either use the integrated tracker in our iOS or Android app, or do manual entry.

🏆 Leaderboards

The searchable and customizable leaderboards show the real-time progress of each challenge. As organizer you are in control of the formatting of each leaderboard.

Leaderboards are available in real-time from within Teams!

🌍 Virtual Map

Show the progress of all participants on a virtual course map where participants move from start to finish based on their real-time progress.

📢 Event Feed

Check the progress and latest updates on the event feed. Updates can be sent as push notifications to ensure all participants of the event are aware of the latest updates. The feed can display updates, photos, selfies, results, and other relevant information during the event.

Your feed will also be available right from within Teams!

👟 Step Tracking

Use our app to automatically sync your daily steps to any step challenges you participate in! Once step tracking is enabled it will work in the background (without impacting the battery life!) and the app will regularly sync your progress in the background. Keep those steps coming!

Alternatively, connect a Garmin, Fitbit, or Apple Watch for automatic step syncing using your favorite device!

🏃‍♀️ Activity Tracking

You can track any distance-based or time-based activity using the app. Use the integrated GPS tracker to accurately track your runs, walks, and rides.

🛠 Event Dashboard

As event organizer you can use our powerful self-service dashboard to quickly create a new challenge or view the progress of your challenges. Use the wizard to launch your own challenge within a few minutes!


  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据
  • 此应用可访问活动邮件中的个人信息,例如电话号码、邮寄地址或 URL。此应用可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。无法读取或修改邮箱中的其他项目。