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Sending messages to vast and broad audiences at once with less hustle.

What is your practice when your IT department has to send an urgent message to all employees in your organization?

  • by posting a notice on SharePoint?
  • by sending an email to their Outlook account?
  • by sending a message to Microsoft Teams?

This NewCommunicator is designed and built for those enterprise customers who longed for a solution that will acknowledge all employees anything important than just sending a message out to their mailbox.

On demand 'pull' style communication, such as SharePoint and/or any intranet, may not be the best way for those urgent information that require immediate attention.

Distributing email to all employees is not a bad idea, but may not be the best when Microsoft Teams has been broadly used by all employees for any sorts of internal communication.

That said - it is quite natural to think of pushing such broader messages by Microsoft Teams to all employees, or any organizations inside enterprise for everyone's convenience. NewCommunicator is the app that is designed and built to support such desired user scenario.

NewCommunicator will send such urgent messages to all employees as individual chat message simultaneously. The message will have @mention, so that all users will immediately be notified upon receiving the message, helping the organization to acknowledge such urgent and important message without fail.

These messages will be sent via a bot, so that senders do not have to worry about personal information being shared, nor having psychological barriers in sending broader messages to the entire organization.

NewCommunicator implements just-in-time installation that automatically installs the app at the very first time a user receives the message, freeing IT admins from working on app installation for every single users in the organization.

NewCommunicator is the must-have broadcasting app for every organization that runs their business 'fast'.

Just to call out a few typical user scenarios;

  • CEO message to your employees
  • Seminar registration notice & reminders from HR divisions
  • Emergency Maintenance notice from IT divisions
  • Request for questionnaires forms, and so on

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