Ghostwriter for Microsoft Outlook

作者 Smart Barn Technologies

Unlock the Power of AI with Ghostwriter OpenAI ChatGPT add-in for Microsoft Outlook

Introducing Ghostwriter ChatGPT, an innovative writing assistant designed to enhance your email communication experience. This add-in for Microsoft Outlook utilizes advanced natural language processing and machine learning technology to help you ideate, create, and send emails more efficiently than ever before.

While a limited free trial is available, a one-time purchase of a product key is required to unlock the full potential of Ghostwriter ChatGPT with OpenAI GPT models. This purchase includes access to bug fixes and updates for the lifetime of the add-in.

For company-wide licenses, please contact us directly. Try Ghostwriter ChatGPT today and elevate your email communication to the next level.


  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据
  • 此加载项可访问和修改活动邮件中的个人信息,如正文、主题、发件人、收件人和附件信息。它可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。将无法读取或修改邮箱中的其他项目。