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Intelligently surfacing the content in the moment of need, no more searches!

Using sophisticated machine learning and content vectorizing techniques, Backflipt outlook add-in surfaces the content of interest as trending content right inside your email conversations.

For Sellers - Backflipt suggests best-fit content for the current sales situation, by showing you the what the other successful sellers are using for similar deals. Be informed when the customer views the content, so you can plan the next steps accordingly.

For Product Marketing and Product management teams - Get the ROI by learning about what contributed to the revenue this quarter and have an automated process to help influence the current engagements. Distinguish the low performers, evaluate and re-publish them for active consumption. Find out what is trending among your sellers and customers and build more of such collateral.


  • Eliminate the search times, by automatically finding the material you are looking for directly in the customer email conversations. Improve productivity by 25%.
  • Access relevant content like a whitepaper or case study while in customer email conversations, which could help influence the decision-making process and reduce the sales-cycles by 20%.
  • Share and track: Get a notification when the customer accesses the content, help pursue next set of actions in the engagement. Stay on top of the engagements, no more falling thru cracks.
  • In a single click upload email and document exchanges with the customer into Microsoft Dynamics or Salesforce using Backflipt.

How does Backflipt help?

  • While engaging a customer, reduce the sales cycles by using the right content.

Seller is sending a response to a potential client; Backflipt starts suggesting contextually relevant content based on the customer interests. It will prioritize the content recommendations based on other sellers successful experiences for similar deals. The seller can readily share the link to the sales asset in the email. No more searchers, it is that simple!

  • Product Teams rolls out an update. Use the new asset to increase the touchpoints with the customers.

Product team may have rolled out a Product update, Pricing packages, a relevant case-study or an insightful white paper. Backflipt identifies the interested clients and automatically triggers an email workflow and assigns them to the respective sales representative. No more worrying about missing out on product alerts, let Machine-Learning help to get them into action.

  • Dealing with Cross-Sell or Upsells.

If Business Units wants to run an Upsell or Cross Sell program; Backflipt will help identify the relevant opportunities to roll these programs out using AI techniques, and help track the rollout of the program. Backflipt will trigger automated email workflow for the impacted leads or opportunities and assigns them to the respective sellers.

  • Suggesting Prescriptive Assets in an engagement using playbooks.

Sales Operations or product marketing can identify the resources by sales stages, and Backflipt will roll out these assets and track the consumption by directly making the assets available in the customer engagements. The seller can readily share the link to the sales asset in the email, no more discretionary use of assets in a sales engagement. Establish a uniform engagement model across the customer base.

Who is it for?

Backflipt empowers B2B business Account Managers, Inside Sales organizations, SDRs, partner management teams, deal-desk, support teams who engage with customers.


  • Office 365 / Exchange email account has to be registered in Backflipt outlook addin.
  • Link CRM account- Salesforce/MS Dynamics to associate email conversations with CRM records.
  • Link Cloud accounts- Sharefile, One Drive, Sharepoint etc., to search for content and recommend relevant sales assets.


  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据
  • 此应用可读取或修改邮箱中任何项目的内容,并能够创建新邮件。它可访问任何邮件或日历项目中的个人信息,例如正文、主题、发件人、收件人或附件。它可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。