Commusoft Office365 addon for email

作者 Commusoft Addon

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Display relevant information about customers when they email you, such as ongoing and previous jobs.

This addon communicates with Commusoft ( and obtains the relevant information from the connected account. To learn more, visit Commusoft (

When you receive an email from a customer, display information to the user, such as:

  • Ongoing jobs/ estimates
  • Historical jobs/ invoices/ estimates
  • Debt information
  • Customer address

This allows the user to quickly be informed about the customer and better prepared to respond to their email. You can also add new jobs for the customer, directly from the email add-in, saving you time as you never have to leave the mailbox.

Changes (

  • Fixed Bug to separate Firstname and Lastname (by spaces) when showing the full name
  • Changed the label of the button to Back instead of Cancel once the job is created


  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据
  • 此加载项可访问和修改活动邮件中的个人信息,如正文、主题、发件人、收件人和附件信息。它可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。将无法读取或修改邮箱中的其他项目。