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Turn your portfolio into a stock exchange

Every leader needs urgent and accurate information from the front-line employees to wisely navigate the company in both good and bad times. Thus is especially the case within a complex environment of the today's business. Business agility translates into a high organizational responsiveness. Confidoo turns your portfolio into a stock exchange. This is how it works:

  • Employees submit claims (statements) about future business outcomes anonymously
  • Employees anonymously express their confidence-level regarding a claim by betting coins on it daily, which makes confidence-rate (total number of coins bet) per claim climb or fall
  • If a claim proves to be true the respective bettors earn karma. If not, they lose karma. Bettors do not win or lose coins. Everybody has got the same amount of coins to use for a daily bet available to keep the betting power evenly distributed over the employees
  • The company rewards karma earnings appropriately (this feature is for now out of confidoo scope)

In this way:

  • Leaders stay tuned to the collective wisdom of the organization. For this reason they act before situation escalates
  • Employees become a new way of articulating their confidence in future business outcomes
  • Employees get more engaged with outcomes due to gamification
  • Leaders will be pointed to those Employees who reliably forecast business outcomes
  • Since employees may submit claims at their discretion leaders will get a picture of topics which keep their staff busy

Example use case: Open a betting table for your project and submit the respective sprints as claims. Activate the first claim (corresponding to the sprint) and let the team members place their bets on it. Now follow the confidence rate of your team. Once a sprint gets completed you evaluate the respective claim (was the sprint successful?). Reward the best bettor to value your team member's engagement for both opportunity and problem recognition.

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