Highfive Video Conferencing

Highfive Video Conferencing

Highfive Video Conferencing for Teams

The Highfive Video Conferencing app for Microsoft Teams allows you to access Highfive's functionality directly from within Microsoft Teams. The app allows you to:

  • Invite your team into a Highfive Video Conference, which you can join from your computer or a Highfive-enabled conference room.
  • Initiate the Highfive scheduler, to schedule a Highfive Video Conference for a future date and time.
  • Initiate a screenshare to a Highfive-enabled conference room.

Once loaded, you can access the Highfive app as a bot within your Teams channels. To add the bot to a channel, mention it with "@Highfive". The first time you use it, the bot will walk you through authenticating yourself with Highfive. After that, you have the following commands available:

  • @Highfive help — View a help message with the available commands.
  • @Highfive meet [optional-meeting-name] — Start a Highfive meeting. The meeting name is optional.
  • @Highfive' schedule — Schedule a Highfive meeting for later.
  • @Highfive share — Share your screen on a nearby Highfive TV.

The Highfive bot responds back to your commands with links to access Highfive Video Conferencing. These links will open in your default web browser. If your default browser is Google Chrome, Highfive Video Conferencing will run directly within the browser. Please assure that you grant Highfive access to your camera within Chrome. If you use another browser as your default, such as Microsoft Edge, Mozilla Firefox, or Apple Safari, you will be prompted to download our desktop app before continuing. Once you have installed the Highfive Video Conferencing app, your Highfive Video Conferences will open in the app, when following the links from Microsoft Teams.

Additional Notes:

  • To use the Highfive Video Conferencing app for Microsoft Teams, you must already have an Highfive Video Conferencing account through your organization. Highfive does not provide a self-registration mechanism for new users at this time. If your organization does not already subscribe to Highfive, please contact us at
  • For more information regarding the Highfive Video Conferencing app for Microsoft Teams, please visit the Highfive Support Center:
  • For additional technical support, please contact us at


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