Celebal Technologies - Digital Assistant, EKAA ( for MS Teams)

Celebal Technologies Private Limited

Ekaa is a smart AI chatbot to automate entire operations of HR, IT, Sales and Admin department.

Microsoft Teams has emerged as a leading collaboration platform across the world. As the world is moving fast and quick, people are preferring quick and interactive communication. Our Microsoft Teams based ChatBot help users engage with their Enterprise Systems such as ERP and CRM in the same manner as these users would interact with their colleagues. Our ChatBot offers multiple business ‘Personas’ like Account Manager, Procurement Manager and Senior Executives like CFO. Most of these users are not keen on looking at detailed ERP screens and are looking for ‘contextual’ and relevant KPIs. Our Teams based ChatBot offer this capability. These Bots also enable users to perform key business tasks and workflows from within Teams itself. Overall, these Chatbots are a key component towards the promise if ‘Intelligent Enterprise’\nThese Chatbots aren’t just interactive but also self-learning. And has been implemented at 5 Enterprises with around 10,000 active users who manage their leaves and ask the chatbot for all HR related queries and raise tickets for IT and Admin by just a chat. The conversational maturity and integration capability makes it more adaptable.\nThe Emotional Intelligence developed in chatbot makes it stand amongst the best for Sales and CRM. The omnichannel implementation makes it more adaptive and preferred. Ekaa is capable of holding context in chat conversations and has a memory so that users do not have to repeat themselves. Chat and reason with the bot like you would with a real person. As Microsoft teams have Encrypted Chat, All Communication is encrypted with the purpose of Enterprise Conversation security.\nEkaa’s intuitive, built-in dashboards allow the user to track the performance of departments in real-time so that you can derive meaningful insights and improve performance.\nChatbot has the capability of Multilingual AI i.e. Converse in your local language with region-specific terminology and nuances to ensure a natural and meaningful interaction. Currently in English, German, French, Italian, Dutch and Portuguese, and learning more every day.\nThis chatbot has made Enterprise Employees self-service capable and has also reduced 50% of the repetitive tasks being automated.

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