MeetingRoomMap WebParts

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Show locations on your own floorplans.

A collection of web parts for displaying locations on custom maps/floorplans.

As an administrator, upload images of company floor plans and map meeting rooms and users (from meeting rooms and users defined in Azure AD), or other custom category locations to these floorplans. The web parts then enable all users in the company to search for and view mapped locations on the uploaded floorplans. There is a separate web part for each location type:

  • MRM Meetingrooms (search and display the location of meeting rooms)
  • MRM Colleague (search and display the location of other users)
  • MRM Custom Location (search and display the locations of custom-defined category locations)

The web parts can be used in both SharePoint and in Microsoft Teams.

Use the admin site to sign up for the service and administrate images and locations.

NB: Before installing the web parts, a tenant administrator must grant consent to the MeetingRoomMap application - see


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