Kanban Tool

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Visualize work and track time on a kanban board.

Kanban Tool lets you organize work, track time, and improve any process your team is engaged in.

With the help of highly visual project boards and proven principles derived from the original Toyota Lean Kanban method, Kanban Tool gives your team a perfect overview of the current work status, ability to track time, and to identify and resolve any process bottlenecks before they become a problem.

Now, you can easily embed Kanban Tool's project boards as tabs inside the Microsoft Teams channel.

**Why Kanban Tool?**

If you are looking for a solution that will revolutionize your team's communication, you are in the right place. With Kanban Tool, your team will communicate in real-time a lot more and better, focusing on bottlenecks and unblocking themselves quicker. Kanban Tool will also give the management more visibility of progress than they've ever had before.

**Kanban Tool helps you:**

- Work with your team in a real-time.

- Keep all your tasks and projects in one place, neatly organized on Kanban boards.

- Assign tasks to team members to get the job done.

- Customize nearly every aspect of the board to suit your specific needs.

Add swimlanes, create custom card templates, and choose from 25+ available Power-Ups that extend the board's functionality.

- Gain complete insight into what your team is working on by tracking time spent on tasks.

- Monitor your team's performance using time reports.

- Add extra functionality and integrate external systems through extensive API, Javascript SDK, and Developer Tools Power-Up.

- Save time using advanced Process Automation rules.

- Never miss a deadline again with Calendar Power-Up and due dates reminders.

- Increase focus by postponing tasks to the right time.

- Save time by creating/scheduling recurring tasks.

Thanks to its simplicity, Kanban Tool can be applied to any process. No matter if it's a product development, marketing campaigns, sale pipelines, production, or a media workflow - you can visualize and track any work done in your team or organization.

Create an account, build your first Kanban board, and start collaborating.

** For assistance with any issues, please email us at**

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