StaffCircle Ltd

Internal Communications, Culture, engagement and Performance Management Platform for remote workers.

What is StaffCircle?

It’s a performance management, culture and engagement platform packed with user-friendly tools and templates that managers and teams can access on any device. Check-ins, performance reviews, 360 degree feedback, KPIs, development plans and realtime feedback linked to your competency framework are all prompted, scheduled and recorded in StaffCircle.

Use StaffCircle to create a high performing culture that makes your business more productive and commercially successful. High performing cultures are driven by effective performance management and employee engagement – that’s why the StaffCircle platform is uniquely designed to do both.

Manage Performance & Build Culture from within Microsoft Teams

Adding to Microsoft's Teams well-known remote collaboration benefits, StaffCircle's integration turns Microsoft Teams into a fully functioning performance management and culture system whilst using the familiar Microsoft interface. All internal communication articles can be pushed directly into Teams along with images relating to the article. This doesn't only create engaging content directly inside Teams but also a way to measure and track engagement.

Furthermore, other types of People Management related notifications can be delivered directly to users inside Teams for items such as One2Ones, Performance Reviews, Objective Updates, Task Completion, Holiday and Sickness notifications and even Critical Communications alerts.

Adapt to the 'New Normal', Create High Performance even with a Distributed Workforce

With workforces distributed across different locations, it’s hard to keep everyone on track with reviews, feedback and objectives in a typical performance management process.

Your business and market move way faster than your annual appraisal process. Talented workers don’t get the recognition and opportunities they deserve, so you risk losing them. Others miss out on development that could make them more skilled productive.

StaffCircle makes it easy to do all this in busy, fast-paced workplaces. It’s a Cloud platform packed with user-friendly tools and templates that managers and teams can access on any device.

It gets better. Every day, as StaffCircle analyses and reports on performance and engagement, you can improve, adjust or tackle issues before they take root. Plus, with a raft of HR automation tools and analytics, your HR team can cut admin time to concentrate on work that really counts for business growth.

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