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Turn every internal request into a repeatable workflow

Jetdocs Request Management is the ultimate service desk for every department and repeatable workflow. We route every request to the intended person, resolving requests faster and increasing your organization's velocity.

How do your employees send internal requests? It typically looks like a combination of emails ( or, chat, in person/virtual meetings and wikis. Jetdocs turns this unorganized and tedious back-and-forth process into streamlined workflows. You are able to create any type of custom workflow - some of the common business units and templates are:

    • HR: Candidate qualification, payroll setup, employee suggestion, employee onboarding, exit interview, incident report and more
      • Example: Mary is an HR generalist who handles all employee compensation requests. They are routed to her, where she can action them or reassign to her supervisor.

    • Finance & Accounting: travel expense claim, purchase order, generate invoice, budget change, team event budget and more
      • Example: Ashley is a controller who handles all requests related to invoicing and budgets. They are routed to her, where she can view attachments such as invoices, action them or reassign to a clerk to handle.

    • Legal: contract review, request NDA, legal advice and more
    • Back to Work: general request, covid-19 contact, return to work screening
    • IT support: bug triage, general support request, app security questionnaire, firewall change request
    • PR: coverage request
    • Customer Service: customer service idea, customer complaint
    • Facilities and Building Management: room booking, off-site equipment use, order business cards, after hours access and more
      • Example: Mark is a manager who handles everything related to supplies and office management. New requests are sent to Mark where he can order supplies, loop in finance and keep the organization running smoothly.

By leveraging the Jetdocs Request portal, employees are able to self-serve and navigate through the custom catalog that you can set up in minutes, not weeks. Plus, with out-of-the-box templates and SSO, you can empower every function within your organization to streamline their workflows.

Jetdocs is one solution that can solve all your internal request needs. Get started today.

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