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User-friendly collaboration tool for professional co-authoring and version control in Word

Are you still sending emails forth and back?

Co-authoring, communicating and revising documents still means waisting plenty of time and nerves, especially when

working across organization borders or with different stakeholders within the firm. With neopolis you work on

documents together in next to no time.

How the neopolis MS Word Add-in works:

1. Invite people to collaborate on a neopolis document from within MS Word.

2. Co-author, communicate and compare in MS Word.

3. Get feedback from external parties directly in MS Word.



Our software applies the GIT technology to the collaborative editing of professional office documents. This allows

users to work together in an easy and controlled manner in order to produce high-quality documents in a short time.


Our Neopolis add-in for Word is simple and fits seamlessly into the application landscape of your organizations. Our

software is intuitive to use and can quickly be applied to the work environment you are familiar with.


Document versions are auditable and secure because of sophisticated encryption and version control software.


We offer a free base version with which you can be invited to an unlimited number of documents and create one

document on your own.

Furthermore, we offer paid Premium and Enterprise versions with unlimited document ownership and further extras.

For more details visit our homepage, and don’t hesitate to reach out with any

href="[Support] Questions or Queries">questions or queries .


  • 可读取文档并对其作出更改
  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据