Shared Thread by WNI

作者 WNI

Share a thread across channels in Microsoft Teams.

Use for messaging between channels, as an alternative to email or a shared channel.


- Free, just add the app to your team. Shared threads remain active for 90 days.

- Pro subscriber shared threads remain active as long as the subscription is active.

How it works:

- Create a shared thread in your channel, and provide the ID to the other team.

- The other team enters the ID into the app to join the thread from their channel.

- All replies to the thread that @mention app first are shared.

- All other replies remain private to the channel.

- The same thread can be used for both private and shared messages.


- Works between channels in any organization using Microsoft Teams.

- Message clients, partners, vendors, etc. from within your channel.

- Keeps internal and partner project messages together in one thread.

- No more searching for partner messages in email, or a shared channel.

- Avoids having to create a separate shared channel for each project.

- No IT setup required, simple and free to use.

Example uses:

- HR shares a thread with a recruiter to discuss a hiring project.

- Sales shares a thread with a customer to negotiate a deal.

- Support shares a thread with a customer to work on a case.

- A law firm shares a thread with a client to discuss a contract.


- Only plain text messages can be shared.

- Documents can only be shared via plain text link.

- No @mentions, reactions, emojis, or rich text formatting.


  • 可通过 Internet 发送数据
  • 此外接程序可以访问活动邮件中的个人信息,如电话号码、邮寄地址或 URL。此外接程序可能会将此数据发送给第三方服务。将无法读取或修改邮箱中的其他项目。