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JFrog Platform Bot helps you track events in Artifactory and Xray.

We know that software development happens in a myriad of tools and collaboration environments. As your mission-critical tools for DevOps, the results of many key events that occur in Artifactory and Xray reveal whether or not your software pipeline is on-track to deliver production-quality releases. The JFrog app for Microsoft Teams brings real-time visibility and awareness of what’s happening in your JFrog-powered software pipelines to your entire team through one of the most widely used collaboration tools. When it comes to people across the organization knowing what’s going on, there aren’t great solutions. This will give each user situational awareness about occurrences in the JFrog Platform. Additionally, where appropriate - they will have easy links and action buttons to go follow-up on the event.

With the JFrog app for Teams, developers can better collaborate on delivering quality releases, responding in real-time to DevOps events as they occur.

This bot enables enterprises to accomplish the following through Microsoft Teams::

Notify teams of key Artifactory change events

Provide real-time visibility of DevOps build events

Alert teams of license policy violations

Alert security teams of critical vulnerabilities

Notify teams of release bundle and distribution events

To use this integration, you must have a JFrog Platform instance (cloud). If you do not have a JFrog Platform instance, you can get one here:


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