BoostSolutions Excel Import

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Easily import data or records from an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint Online or Office 365 list.

BoostSolutions Excel Import enables you to import data from an Excel spreadsheet (in .xlsx, .xls or .csv format) into an existing SharePoint Online list.

BoostSolutions Excel Import allows users to import data to most built-in SharePoint column types.

With Column Mapping feature, you can configure how to import an Excel spreadsheet into a SharePoint Online list efficiently by mapping excel columns to SharePoint list columns.

Even better, Column Mapping is applied automatically if the Excel spreadsheet and the SharePoint Online list have the same column names; or, you can do the column mapping manually.

BoostSolutions Excel Import gives you the option to skip or update duplicate records by specifying Key column.

You can skip duplicate records when you want to import only new records to SharePoint Online list; or, you can choose to update duplicate records when you want to keep existing list items updated as well from being imported.

Users can optionally import all records from Excel into a SharePoint Online list, or only import specific rows with the filter function.

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