Radar Chart by MAQ Software


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Compare data across three or more variables in a single two-dimensional chart.

Compare multivariate data for several different data sources with Radar Chart by MAQ Software. A radar chart breaks variables down into equiangular spokes. A line connects data values for each spoke, giving the plot a star-like appearance. Each object you want to compare is ranked against these values, differentiated by color. Business Uses:
  • Finance - Compare the performance of multiple companies along multiple business parameters, such as sales, profit, volume, and more
  • Product Management - Compare products across multiple features or specifications
  • Operations - Outline employee competencies across key performance indicators
  • Key Features:
  • Ability to plot multivariate data
  • Configurable curve interpolation method (sharp, rounded, or exact)
  • Ability to change stroke width and transparency of plot color
  • Configurable color and data point radius
  • Configurable plot color
  • Configurable legend positioning and formatting
  • Ability to show/hide axes
  • Customizable axes color, stroke width, and position
  • Ability to cross-filter other visuals
  • Legend interactivity
  • Support for context menu
  • Option to display data values and set text color
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