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Plan, roadmap and time shedule phases and milestones. Visual by ADWISE.

The most flexible and the most comprehensible visual for reporting plans, schedules and roadmaps. Clearly presents your project/portfolio, product(s) or campaign plans, or plans of whatever else that can be time-scheduled. Present your phases as well as key milestones. All in a one-page or scrollable view.
It doesn't matter how long period of time you need to show, or what you want to put focus on. Numerous formatting settings will adjust the graphics to your presentations and your company design needs.

New version 2.6 brings to you these features:

  • Tree hierarchy – expandable/collapsible tree levels within Left Axis with separate formatting and indentation
  • Groups and SubGroups – now, you have one more hierarchy level (column) to show in the visual
  • Actual vs. Plan in Bars – mainly used for plan or baseline visualisation/comparison
  • Additional Info column – now, you have space for any additional information you want to display (for row)
  • Legend – automatically generated from Category field for Bars and/or Milestones
  • Fiscal year logic – you can set the month for start of fiscal year
  • Time interval/period zoom – now, you can zoom by day/week/month/quarter/year
  • Go To Today – center visual around Today date
  • Multiple new formatting options – row and group background, milestones positioning, gridline colors, ...
  • Hours – the smallest time interval is now hour (e.g. for shift planning etc.)
  • Bug fixing – bars overlapping issue, color ranges working, ...

See more info (including ChangeLog) on our website: ADWISE RoadMap

This visual offers in-app purchases and comes with 30 days free trial version. We want you to have full experience of our visual during trial period, so all features are accessible in trial.
You can use basic functionality without watermark. Licensing and pricing plans can be found in our FAQs: ADWISE RoadMap FAQs


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