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Meaningful portfolio analyses with up to 5 key figures and two value axes also as scatterplot

Advantages of the graphomate bubbles at a glance:
  • two value axes
  • mapping of portfolio analyses according to the scheme of the BCG matrix
  • Small multiples display (top n + rest, display according to space availability)
  • connection of bubbles to represent developments over time
  • application of conditional formatting
  • support of different zoom modes for increased readability
  • IBCS compliant

In contrast to other graphomate extensions, our graphomate bubbles offer two value axes. This allows different representations such as bubble charts, scatterplots or multidimensional portfolio analyses. In accordance with individual requirements, the large range of settings realizes the representation of different pie charts.

The goal of the visualization is to get a quick and easy overview of distributions and relationships among data points. Patterns and outliers can be recognized quickly for better interpretation and decision-making. For example, deviations from a previous year’s value can be plotted on the arc.

The graphomate bubbles for Power BI are free to use and contain all available features. In Power BI Desktop it can be used without restrictions. In the Power BI Online service it additionally shows a watermark. To use the matrix online without a watermark, feel free to ask us for time-limited demo versions or purchase subscription licenses. For more information, please visit our website.


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