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Visualize your KPIs to track its progress against key metrics with Custom labels, ranges and limits!

Display any data range using a horizontal/vertical scale and a completely customizable data pointer to represent the data value on the scale. The linear gauge scale is determined by minimum and maximum values.

Using xViz Linear Gauge scale, you can define custom ranges and labels to categorize your data. For each range, you will need to enter the minimum and maximum values, a name for the range (which can be used as the range's label), and the hex code for the range's color.

Key Feature Highlights:

  • Gauge Type - Visualize progress toward a goal in a linear style using simple gauge or progress bar view and visualize the bar either horizontally or vertically.
  • Target – Add a target to the gauge and customize it to your liking! You also have the flexibility to customize the actual value tick mark.
  • Data Labels – Customize to show category, value, % or Total, or all combinations to perform additional analysis. You can also set the text scaling to word wrap or responsive for a data label that scales with the bubble’s size.
    • Custom Label – You can label any band or segment with the ability to highlight and customize the active band label
    • Tier Label – In addition to custom data labels, you have an option to add measure values as Tier labels
    • Tier Limits - Tier limits define the range for each of the bands. The scaling for these labels can be customized from the Axis Tab
  • Conditional Formatting – Apply the formatting to create colored intervals or show the entire gauge as a single color based on logic.
  • Axis – Dynamically set the value for Min and Max and customize the x-axis by adding indicators, axis titles and you have an option to reverse the axis for left to right reading.

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