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Financial Reporting, IBCS, Pivot Analysis, Export to PDF/Excel, Comments, simulation & forecasting

Inforiver's Premium edition includes everything in Professional, along with advanced formatted export (Excel + PDF), data entry, simulation, planning and forecasting capabilities.

Innovations such as the interactive toolbar, one-click visualizations, pagination, and one-click business templates provide unparalleled end-user self-service, interactivity, and collaboration experiences.

Inforiver Premium Edition Feature Highlights:
1. Formatted Export to Excel/PDF :
  • Export all font text, background, in-cell annotations, footnotes, and data bars to Excel seamlessly
  • Export charts, in-cell visualizations and paginations to PDF including formatting and annotations
2. Manual data entry, What-If Forecasting & Simulations:
  • Input-enabled static measures that allow data entry
  • Spread Allocate data entered on parent cell to descendants using other measures as weights
  • What-if scenarios and quickly enter and edit forecasts on the fly
  • Graphical slider to simulate and roll-up or spread-down changes in hierarchies.
  • In-cell editing that supports percentage calculations as well as scaled values
3. Financial & Management Reporting
  • Spreadsheet-like formatting (Cell, Rows, and Columns)
  • Visual formula engine for intuitive calculations
  • Cell level formulae & editing
  • Matrix and table-style navigation options
  • Blend multiple measures in a single column
  • Advanced conditional formatting (totals, values)
  • Search, Nested filtering, Top N and more
4. 1-Click IBCS-compliant reporting within-cell customizable visualizations
  • Variance charts, including absolute & % variances (for comparison)
  • 5 types of bullet charts (for performance)
  • Spark Line, Spark Column, Spark Area, Win-Loss and their variants (for trends)
  • Stacked Chart, Waterfall (for distribution)
  • Dumbbell Chart, Dot Plot, Arrow Plot (for ranges)
  • Bar & Lolli Pop (for Magnitudes)

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