CloudMonitor Azure Cost Management for CSPs - White-labelled FinOps for Cloud Solution Providers and MSPs

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Add value to your CSP offering by giving your customers a cloud management & security solution

CloudMonitor is a free tool that identifies cost-saving opportunities so you pay only for what you need. It finds oversized or unused resources and suggests improvements based on utilization patterns.

We've helped hundreds of customers lower their cloud spend and avoid bill shock. Many of our customers have sprawling Azure estates with out-of-control costs and are unaware if resources are correctly scaled or even in use. CloudMonitor solves these challenges by focusing a cost, security and governance lens onto your Azure resources. A government customer was able to save $107 000 / 22% on their annual cloud bill with a week of effort. Wastage is rampant!

New in December Release: ADF Pipeline Cost Explorer

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Unlike other tools on the market; CloudMonitor lives inside of your Azure cloud so your sensitive cost data does not leave your organization. We extend the Azure Cost Management tool with a suite of cost analytics Power BI dashboards that can be extended to suit your needs plus a Teams bot that surfaces recommendations directly into your development workflow as soon as resources are spun up.

Key Benefits

  1. Get visibility and control of your costs with powerful, interactive dashboards
  2. Lower costs with our custom cost-saving recommendations
  3. Improve accountability with good governance and auditing

It can be used by everyone:

  • C-Level execs can subscribe to weekly executive KPI cost summaries
  • Project managers can track project costs over time by Project/Business Unit/Cost Center
  • IT/MSP/CSP give it to their customers as a self-service cost-reduction platform
  • Developers have accountability & improve cost awareness with alerting in the Dev workflow via a Teams bot
Cost Control, Security & Governance Features
  • Track actuals against budget & be alerted with cost anomaly detection when costs go up
  • See who created resources & when (This is not possible in the Azure Portal)
  • Capture key decisions & conversations about resources for compliance in the Audit Trail

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Note: This is the CloudMonitor Power BI Reporting App. It needs to be connected with the Azure CloudMonitor Analytics Engine which will install the core cost insights engine (read more).