LinkedIn Sales Navigator Analytics Integration

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Analyze LinkedIn Sales Navigator data to increase sales effectiveness and maximize productivity.

The LinkedIn Sales Navigator Analytics Integrations allows sales operations personnel to identify and analyze things like:

  • Who is using LinkedIn Sales Navigator
  • When the best day is to send an InMail
  • The Social Selling Index across all users

Using the insights found in LinkedIn Sales Navigator Analytics Integration template app, sales operations professionals can:

  • Uncover insights faster - Derive valuable insights faster by analyzing and visualizing your LinkedIn Sales Navigator usage data in Power BI within minutes
  • Run deeper analyses - Perform deeper analyses and run comprehensive reports by merging other data sources (e.g. HR, CRM, sales acceleration) into one single view
  • Optimize sales performance - Measure relationship-building activities and improve team and rep performance by identifying areas of opportunities for training or coaching

To get started with this integration users must:

  • Have a LinkedIn Sales Navigator Enterprise plan
  • Be an Admin or a Reporting User on the Sales Navigator Contract (Note: A reporting license on the Sales Navigator contract does not take up a seat on that contract).