EcoStruxure for Retail

作者 Schneider Electric

Digital solution for retail chains focusing on sustainability, resiliency, people experience

Newsflash: Schneider Electric was recognized as the 2022 Microsoft Energy & Sustainability Partner of the Year

About the Offer

Schneider Electric presents EcoStruxure for Food Retail, a game-changing portfolio of solutions for a food retail brand to thrive in the omnichannel world. Digitize operations into a single integration platform, make the invisible, visible and maximize value amid disruption. Understand energy consumption; Visualize data across stores; Ensure compatibility; Optimize HVAC controls; Decarbonize; Integrate monitoring and security; Secure IT; Access remote maintenance and fast support; Refrigeration.

This is a segment specific bundle created using Schneider's solutions running on Azure, to specifically meet the needs of supermarkets, convenience stores, retail chains and specialty retail outlets.

Key Benefits

Our solution enables retailers face and overcome challenges related to
  • Energy and Sustainability: EcoStruxure for Food Retail not only improves cost efficiencies, but also reduces waste to help your business make a positive climate impact.
    • You can reduce greenhouse gas emissions by up to 12% by enabling Sustainability for less wastage and even better energy management.
  • Operational Efficiency: Redefining ‘seamless experience’, manage your operations across your entire portfolio in one single platform, and experience the seamless convenience of EcoStruxure for Food Retail.
    • You can reduce unscheduled maintenance by up to 15% by enabling Hyper-Efficiency for smooth and optimized operations.
  • Resilient Operations: Your supermarket store can always be ‘On’ because EcoStruxure for Food Retail ensures service continuity and agility in operations.
    • You can reduce downtime by up to 12% after implementing Schneider Electric Solution by enabling Resiliency for an uninterrupted shopping experience.

Key Personas

For Business Owners: Cost efficiency; Drive energy savings & Increase brand value

For Operators and employees: Reduced equipment failure; Save time; Automated systems & Expert support and services

For Customers: Seamless shopping experience & Enhanced safety