Exterro Forensic Tool Kit (FTK) Single Server

作者 AccessData Group, Inc.

When you need a best-in-class processing that has repeatable results pick FTK

The gold standard in digital forensics, FTK® Forensic Toolkit is the industry’s preferred solution for a repeatable, defensible, forensically sound, full-disk image collection, processing and analysis tool.

Zero in on relevant evidence quickly, conduct faster searches and dramatically increase analysis speed with FTK®, the purpose-built solution that interoperates with mobile device and e-discovery technology. Powerful and proven, FTK processes and indexes data upfront, eliminating wasted time waiting for searches to execute.

No matter how many different data sources you’re dealing with or the amount of data you have to cull through, FTK can parse and analyze data faster and better than anything else, all while ensuring your evidence is preserved in a forensically-sound manner.

Use FTK to create full-disk forensic images and process a wide range of data types from many sources, from hard drive data to mobile devices, network data and Internet storage, all in a centralized, secure database.

Decrypt files, crack passwords, and build reports with a single solution. Parse registry files and Windows system information files in an easy to read, interactive and reportable tab. Label, bookmark and export individual objects per category, allowing for easy searching, filtering and reporting. Locate, manage, and filter mobile data easily, and isolate data from message applications like WhatsApp or Facebook.

FTK has been a staple in every forensic investigator’s toolkit for over 15 years, now available in the Azure environment!