作者 Ace Turtle Services

Ace Turtle through its tech platform binds the retail ecosystem to help brands go omni-channel

Rubicon Platform a. Introduction RUBICON - Ace Turtle’s proprietary fulfilment platform provides a seamless omni-channel fulfilment experience by bringing together both online and offline channels. The platform powers omni-channel use-cases and provides a holistic approach to provide a great customer experience. Rubicon is a technology, device and channel agnostic platform which can seamlessly integrate to Brand’s tech eco system and deliver an enriched single view of Inventory, Catalogue, Price and Order Management. The system provides simple interfaces to the Brand to simplify the fulfilment process. The four important aspects of the platform: 1. Order Management System 2. Inventory Management System 3. Logistics Management System 4. Catalogue Management System The Rubicon platform offers capabilities to manage catalogue and price, publish inventory and manage orders from various sales channels and fulfil through various stock points. [Note: The capabilities are discussed in detail in the subsequent sections.] b. Sales Channels Rubicon is Sales channel agnostic platform and can support various channels as below- ♣ Market Places (Amazon, Flipkart, Myntra, Jabong, PayTM, Shop Clues, Lime Road, etc.) ♣ Mono Brand. Com ♣ Mobile applications – (Android, iOS, Windows, etc.) ♣ Kiosks ♣ Digital Magazines, etc. ♣ Store POS system- This channel is leveraged to provide a one stop solution to view all retail related data. c. Fulfilment Channels ♣ Rubicon platform can support fulfilment from various stock points like Warehouse, Stores and any other stock point. ♣ To configure the stock points, user can go to the user panel to add warehouses, stores and other stock points on the platform to allocate the order for fulfilment. ♣ The platform provides a Web Panel to the store representative and another panel for the warehouses for fulfilment operations personals to facilitate the fulfilment process. ♣ The Platform can seamlessly integrate and publish orders to store POS systems for store representatives and WMS systems for the warehouse operations to process the order as well. d. Brand System Integration The platform integrates to the Brand’s tech eco-system primarily to get catalogue, Inventory and Price data to publish to various sales channels. Further, the platform also publishes status update and reports to the brand systems. Rubicon is technology agnostic and can seamlessly integrate to any system using APIs, SFTP, EDIs etc.