Azure Cost Optimization

作者 Acuvate Software Ltd

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Optimize Your Azure Spends, Increase Predictability, Continuously Monitor Usage, AI Based Anomalies

With ACO solution reduce your Azure spends, increase predictability, continuously monitor usage

Acuvate’s AI-driven managed services ( AiDMS) is designed to help CIOs better predict and transform future outcomes, refocus resources on higher-value work and build more intelligent IT environments that are cost-effective and available 24×7. It leverages the potential of the AI to optimize operations, lowering costs and deliver excellence. Besides triage support, it enables organizations to introduce automation at the infrastructure level as a service.

Acuvate's Azure Cost Optimization (ACO) solution helps organizations to reduce Azure spends, increase predictability, continuously monitor usage. Our ACO solution through Azure infra optimization in most cases had carved out potential cost reductions of more than 30%.

Acuvate ACO empowers you with the reports and recommendations to slash your Azure spend. It predicts more accurate forecasting & budgetary planning for organization using AI-powered algorithms.

ACO solution helps in detecting the anomalies related to cost & notifies users with its intelligent notification system.

Uses intelligent robots to take actions based on the insights produced from ACO solution.