Generative AI-Copiloted CSR Writing for Clinical Research


CSR content drafting automation, TFL summary generation and data update automation, quality control

The AI-Powered CSR Authoring product enhances CSR creation through streamlined processes, improved document quality, and efficient collaboration. It leverages AI for automation and content improvement, offers Word add-in integrations, ensures consistency across documents, and accelerates the CSR development cycle, significantly reducing manual effort and time.

  1. AI-Powered Content Drafting Automation: TFL summary generation automation,
  2. AI-Powred Data Update Automation: TFL data auto update, auto quality control.
  3. Enterprise Template Design: enterprise template customization, built-in chapters, efficient editing
  4. Framework Setup: Integrate with Protocol and SAP, content cross-reference, and automatic TFL placeholder insertion
  5. Content Enhancement: style and data separation, batch update feature, sync data automation

Proven Results:

Medical Writing Team, Top Global MNC: “With AuroraPrime Create, we save 50% in labor time through content reuse and automated TFL synchronization and summary generation in CSR authoring.”

Chief Medical Officer, Big Biopharma: "AuroraPrime Create boosts our authoring productivity by 40-50% with its efficiency and quality." and “Historically, our clinical trial data management faced challenges primarily in three key areas: human resources, time management, and data handling. AuroraPrime‘s integrated solution adeptly assists us in effectively addressing these challenges.”

About Company:

AlphaLife Sciences Group, represents the pinnacle of innovation in the realm of digital clinical research. Our flagship offering, AuroraPrime, is a testament to our leadership in integrating Generative AI and Large Language Models (LLMs) into a comprehensive AI-powered SaaS platform. Globally acknowledged and bolstered by prestigious collaborations with Microsoft's Pegasus Program and Google for Startups, AuroraPrime seamlessly blends advanced integrations such as EDC, RTSM, DCT, CTMS, eTMF, along with Medical Writing, Translation, Analytics, Knowledge Base, and an exhaustive Data Platform. These groundbreaking innovations are pivotal in hastening drug development and facilitating smoother market entry, earning the trust of pharmaceutical giants such as AZ, GSK, and MSD.