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Financial controls, regulatory reporting and data management platform

AutoRek harnesses the latest Machine Learning and advanced automation technologies to provide our clients world class efficiencies across finance and operational departments. Specialising in Financial Services we offer regulatory reporting, financial control and data management services. Delivered from our cloud or landed in your cloud rapid deployment and self sufficiency are at the heart of everything we do.

Our main propositions include:


Automate your custody asset reconciliations and ensure data integrity. AutoRek can run simultaneous reconciliations for multiple legal entities and business units, saving on costs and resource.

AutoRek keeps all your reconciliations in one place, ensuring clean audits and efficient regulatory reporting. Your firm can be ready for any situation with flexible workflow processes and additional ISEM controls when required.

2. Automated Reconciliations

AutoRek account reconciliation tools streamline the consolidation of data from disparate systems. With a comprehensive audit trail, our solution provides the transparency and governance required to meet reporting requirements.

3. Data Integrity

Creating a “golden source” can be challenging, especially when dealing with legacy platforms or the effects of mergers and acquisitions. From the amalgamation and consolidation of data, to data validation and deduplication, AutoRek's powerful suite of tools lets you create an essential golden source of data.

4. Digital Account Sign off

ReKognize™ provides a centralised sign off and attestation tool to help in managing tighter deadlines, ingesting data from any system in any format; including reconciliations, trial balances, and ERPs. Fully integrated workflow guides users through the necessary steps to resolve issues and resubmit accounts for approval.

Our Core markets include all segments of Financial Services especially Banking, Insurance & Investment Management. The growing payments sector is very active for us.

Value Proposition : We offer you the latest advanced automation technologies to enable your firm to benefit from reduced costs, total control of your data and where applicable regulatory compliance.