Face & Emotions Detection by Ashmanov

作者 Ashmanov Neural Network

Innovative solution using artificial intelligence algorithms that will help you recognize people

Face & Emotions Detector is a software library written in Python, designed for integration with external services. Developed by the Ashmanov Neural Networks company. It gives the information about a person according to the specified parameters, as well as detects his emotional state. Our technology allows you to analyze human behavior in a particular place, and use this knowledge to improve external service and optimize internal business processes. Performance capabilities / Features / Capabilities 1. recognizes people 2. detects age and gender 3. detects moods (anger, happiness, sadness, fright, neutral face) 4. detects smile 5. recognizes other features (glasses, beard, etc.) 6. shooting time and date 7. being on camera period Technical features: 1. easy integration with NVIDIA, Intel CPU and AMD graphics cards; 2. operates in the cloud, on the customer’s or the contractor’s servers; 3. supports all major operating systems (Linux, Windows, Mac OS); 4. system language – English; 5. detects a person or group of people on several cameras simultaneously; 6. assigns a biometric id to the person for further recognition, even if he left the frame; 7. data storage: short-term (computer RAM) or upload to the server. Scope: - CCTV cameras in public places (airport, train station, public parks); - social networks monitoring; - database search; - monitoring the behavior of visitors in a store, bank, at events, exhibitions and in other places; - monitoring the staff in the workplace, etc.