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Inperly Remotely, in person

Connects  the real and digital world in one platform. Introducing your new sales channel. Inperly is an innovative, multichannel communication platform intended for communication between the company and the customer. From now on, you do not need to meet the client face to face, all you need is Inperly in your website or a physical kiosk in the public space.

Keyfeatures of the platform: 

·       Video connections between agents and customers. During an audio/video call the customer receives competent advice tailored for the personal needs while staying at home.
·       Chatting. All participants are able to exchange text messages.
·       Agent queue. The connections from clients are answered as fast as possible, regardless of the location and the device the client is connected to.
·       Meetings scheduling. The agent will find a proper time slot and the meeting can be arranged according to the client’s preferences.
·       Sharing screen/desktop from the agent’s computer to the customer in the Kiosk.
·       Video based online identity verification. The process is tailored according to the local legal regulations and enables confirming the person’s identity remotely.
·       Having verified the client, Inperly gives an additional possibility to sign documents (a qualified signature can be used as well).  
·       Inperly is a flexible tool which can be integrated with SSO, CRM systems,  social media channels (Messenger, Whatsapp, Viber).
·       Inperly is proudly supported by Microsoft Azure Cloud. From the very beginning, Inperly was designed to be Azure based application on Azure,
·       Resources Manager template (ARM) and meets high security standards introduced by Microsoft.
·       The most vital part of the meeting: verification process can be recorded and Azure Blob Storage is responsible for safe accumulation of video recording and replaying it if needed.
·       Various analysis of the processes and data can be thrown thanks to Microsoft Power BI. The charts and diagrams, as well as Excel files can be tailored for specific needs and generated for the user convenience.
·       The complete audio-video session can be recorded for later analysis

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