Botminds Document AI Platform

作者 Botminds AI Technologies Pvt. Ltd.

Vertically integrated AI first platform, A smarter & easier way for document-based processes

Botminds empowers organisations with the AI capabilities to solve business challenges, without the need to have developers or trained resources.

Botminds provides AI powered solutions that reads and understands documents, with enriched document analytics. Document AI improves and understands user behaviour around the documents, helping the organization transform data into intelligent actionable insights.

Document AI is now within reach of every organization without requiring AI expertise, expensive resources, or training datasets. Botminds Document AI brings real-time insights and analytics capabilities closer to where your data originates.

With Botminds Document AI, handle entire document processes automation without the need for human intervention, reduce time spent on manual tasks, mitigate risk factors and errors, offer Intelligent insights to everyone in your organization—from business analysts, SMEs to business users. Rapid changing of data landscape is no longer a hassle, improve operational productivity by setting up alerts proactively to monitor your document processes.

We have

  • Helped in discovery powerful insights across contract documents
  • Simplified finding risk factors from Tender analysis
  • Ensured we save lives through Pharmacovigilance Automation
  • Improved Data extraction from Finance documents

Our platform offers 4 Key Modules

  • Document Discovery – Discover insights with next-gen search, customised search engine for your documents with query and deep linking to the results
  • Document Analytics – One Dashboard, real-time reports with easy-to-understand visualisation for all your insights in one place
  • Document Data Extraction – Auto-understanding, classification and extraction of documents and web pages, Forms, Tables etc.
  • Document Automation – Auto Intake and Output of documents keeping Human in the Loop (HITL) automation

Key Benefits

  • Start fast: Subscribe, onboard, test and deliver with dedicated Botminds Teams
  • Flexible: Rapid automation solution deployment for any document type within a few weeks
  • Intuitive: Designed for everyone in your organization to start, point-click, no code interface
  • Seamless integration: Sophisticated orchestration combined with all your existing analytics tools and workflows