Covid-19 Workforce Wellness

BroadReach Consulting LLC

Monitors daily health of employees to prevent spread of Covid-19 at the workplace and beyond

Protects employees and customers from Covid-19 in the workplace.  Employees answer a simple 5 question survey everyday on their mobile Vantage app that evaluates them for possible Covid-19 infection, ensures that the have an adequate supply of personal protective equipment, and assesses their overall morale.  Those deemed to possibly have become infected by Covid-19 are immediately referred to care.  Those who need additional personal protective equipment are identified and given instructions on where to gather more equipment.   Management uses collected data in real time to make agile decisions on where to allocate healthcare workers based on workforce effectiveness.  Finally, the app enables secure chat, voice and video communications between individuals and teams to improve coordination as well as to push out relevant educational materials and instructions.